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Common Questions

If you don't see your question or issue here, reach us on our contact page!


What type of training do guides receive?

The main guide, Lex Harper, is a Wilderness First Responder certified by NOLS. She has extensive experience guiding youth in everything from the high alpine to the ocean - even leading group scuba dives at night! She has been screened by multiple youth leadership programs and educational entities listed below.

Camp Zanika Lache, Washington State

Catalina Environmental Leadership Program, Santa Catalina Island

Operation Wallacea

The University of Colorado

The University of Washington

Stone Gardens Rock Climbing Gym

For any other guide joining the team, they must be screened and cleared before working with youth, abiding by Colorado state laws, and have, at the minimum, a basic Wilderness First Aid certification from an accredited organization.


Can students use their cellphones to call home while they’re at camp?

Cellphones are for the most part, not permitted with Wild Peaks. We encourage students to bring disposable/film/polaroid cameras to capture special memories. But otherwise, the main point of contact is with the guides in the field. This is to ensure our students are present and making the most of the few hours they have with us.


What kind of things does we need to pack?

Conditions can change quickly in the mountains. So we included a nice packing list on our "a Day in WP" tab to ensure you know what to expect! And with every day we get out in the field, Lex sends an update with weather, where-to-meet, supplies to pack, and other important info in a mass email to parents at least a few days prior. If you or your child needs support in getting the right gear, reach out to us and we can work together to ensure you're not financially burdened. Generally, your kiddo will always need the right clothing, food, water, and a journal.

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